Fitness is often a topic of discussion that is surrounded by a multitude of myths, misconceptions and half-truths. This often leads to confusion and misinformation being disseminated that can, potentially, derail the fitness goals of many individuals. Here are 10 fitness myths that you should stop believing.

1. Myth- No Pain, No Gain
Fact- Exercising to the extent of experiencing pain is never encouraged. This doesn’t mean that there will be no discomfort, but pain should never be the goal. Rather than focussing on the amount of pain, concentrate on challenging your limits without injuries.

2. Myth- Running on a treadmill is as good as running outside.
Fact- Running outside is better if you want to burn more calories, enjoy the scenery and avoid monotony. Running on a treadmill can lead to increased risk of injuries caused due to constant repetitive impact on the joints.

3. Myth- Lifting weights will make women bulky.
Fact- Women who fear getting bulky from lifting weights should worry less since it takes years of intense training and a whole lot more for women to develop bulky muscles. Lifting weights helps in developing lean muscles and an overall toned look.

4. Myth- Crunches are necessary for toned abs.
Fact- Crunches are not enough to tone your abs since they only work on the front of the abs. A comprehensive core workout that combines resistance, weight training, and strategic cardio exercises are essential to tone the whole midsection and strengthen the core.

5. Myth- No carbs allowed.
Fact- Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the body and are essential for optimal physical performance. However, complex carbs such as whole grain bread, fruits, legumes etc., are recommended over simple carbs such as refined sugar.

6. Myth- Stretching is only necessary before exercise
Fact- Stretching after exercise is equally important for recovery and reducing soreness in the muscles. Stretching helps in increasing flexibility, reducing muscle tension, and improving circulation.

7. Myth- Protein shakes are the only way to build muscle.
Fact- Though protein is essential for muscle-building, it can be sourced from whole foods such as eggs, lean meat, poultry, fish, dairy, nuts and seeds. Protein shakes are an option but not a necessity.

8. Myth- You cannot workout during pregnancy.
Fact- Moderate exercise during pregnancy is encouraged as it keeps you active, reduces discomfort, and builds strength and stamina for childbirth. Consult with your doctor and an experienced trainer for a safe, beneficial workout plan.

9. Myth- Sweat is equivalent to a successful workout.
Fact- Sweating is a physiological response to the rise in body temperature, and it indicates how hard your body is working during a workout. However, it does not necessarily determine the effectiveness of a workout.

10. Myth- Spot reduction is possible.
Fact- Spot reduction is not possible since the body loses fat in a genetically pre-determined manner and cannot be controlled through specific exercises. However, a holistic approach through a balanced diet and overall physical activity helps in reducing fat all over the body.

By debunking these myths, you can focus better on achieving your fitness goals and progress towards a healthier lifestyle.


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