As the world continues to evolve, it becomes essential to acknowledge and recognize the contributions of different cultures and civilizations to global society. For years, the Western world has dominated the global discussion on history, science, and technology. It is, however, crucial to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of the Eastern civilization to global society.

One major area in which Eastern civilization has contributed is in the field of medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has been in existence for over 2,000 years, and it continues to gain recognition for its effectiveness. China has also contributed significantly to modern-day medicine, producing groundbreaking medical inventions like the first anesthesia and acupuncture, which is now a recognized form of therapy in the Western world.

The Eastern civilization has also contributed significantly to the development of philosophy, arts, and culture. India’s vast and diverse culture has contributed to the global world in various areas like architecture, music, and dance. The works of Rumi, a Persian poet and philosopher, are popular today, and his writings extensively studied.

In the area of technology, Japan has made significant contributions, producing cutting-edge electronics like the camera, radios, and televisions. They have also been at the forefront of robotics, producing robots that help with manufacturing, medical treatment, and military applications.

In conclusion, the contributions of Eastern civilization to global society cannot be overemphasized. Their impact and influence continue to shape the world in various fields, including medicine, education, science, and technology. We must recognize the efforts of diverse civilizations and cultures and use them to create a better and diverse world.


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