From Shy to Confident: How I Overcame My Social Anxiety

Growing up, I was always known as the shy kid. It was something that I accepted and even identified with. However, as I got older, I realized that my shyness had turned into a full-blown social anxiety disorder. I found it difficult to make friends, engage in conversations and even attend social events. It was a crippling feeling that affected my personal and professional life.

I knew I needed to make a change but didn’t know where to start. In my search for answers, I discovered that social anxiety was a common problem and that many people had successfully overcome it. This gave me hope that I too could change and eventually become more confident.

Here are some of the steps that I took to overcome my social anxiety:

1. Recognized my negative self-talk: I realized that I had a constant negative voice in my head that constantly told me I wasn’t good enough. I started to challenge these thoughts by asking myself if they were true and replacing them with positive affirmations.

2. Sought professional help: I reached out to a therapist who specialized in social anxiety disorder. Through therapy sessions, I was able to understand the root causes of my anxiety and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

3. Stepped out of my comfort zone: I started small by attending social events that were low-key and with people I trusted. Slowly, I challenged myself to engage in conversations with strangers and attend bigger events.

4. Practiced mindfulness: Meditation and grounding exercises helped me calm my mind and be present in the moment. This has been great for managing my anxiety in situations where I feel overwhelmed.

After years of hard work, I’m glad to say that I’m no longer the shy, anxious person I once was. I now have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I realize that social anxiety is a hard thing to overcome, but with perseverance and a willingness to put yourself out there, it’s possible.


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By knbbs-sharer

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