The Future of Cultural Progress and the Role of Young People

Culture evolves with time and is influenced strongly by the younger generation of a society. The upcoming generation holds an immense responsibility of shaping the culture of the future. The changing demography of global communities, increasing connectivity and interdependence have made it more crucial for young people to take charge and participate in shaping the cultural landscape.

The Role of Young People

Young people are creative and full of energy. They often push the boundaries of contemporary cultural practices leading to innovations and new expressions. As a demographic group, they are plugged into the latest technological trends and have a greater grasp on current global issues which help them develop progressive ideas. Young people’s capability to understand local and global cultures, combined with their modern mindsets puts them in an ideal position to shape the future.

Influence on Culture

In the digital era, millennials are at the forefront of the creation and consumption of cultural content. Social media has made it easier for young people to engage with diverse communities around the world and fuel cross-cultural dialogue. As cultural gatekeepers, younger voices demand representation in media spaces, and their expectation of cultural diversity is much higher than ever before.


The future of cultural progress is dependent on young people as they play a fundamental role in shaping tomorrow’s culture landscape. To achieve this, young people need to become more informed, creative, and better connected. The younger generation must embrace cultural diversity and inclusivity as we move towards a global interconnected world. By doing so, they can lead the progress of culture toward the advancement of society.


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