The advent of technology has brought about significant changes in various sectors of human life, including communication, commerce, and entertainment. While technology has brought about many positive changes, it has also presented challenges that have disrupted various traditional assumptions.

One such assumption is the notion of wisdom, which has undergone a shift due to the ease of access to information and knowledge that technology provides. In the past, people looked up to the elders and other influential figures in society for guidance and wisdom. However, in the digital age, this notion has been challenged as people can easily access information from all corners of the world through smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

While technology has broadened the scope of information available to individuals, it has also contributed to the rise of misinformation, propaganda, and fake news. This increase in false information has made it challenging for people to discern what is true and what is not, making it difficult to find trustworthy sources of information.

Another challenge that technology presents is that it has shifted our attention span. With the rise of social media platforms, people’s attention span has significantly decreased, making it difficult for individuals to concentrate on important tasks or to spend time reading lengthy texts. This has presented a challenge to individuals who require a certain level of wisdom to navigate various life aspects such as career choices, relationships, and decision making.

In conclusion, while technology has made life more convenient, it has also presented significant challenges to traditional assumptions such as wisdom. The rise of accessibility to information has shifted the way people acquire knowledge, and the decrease in attention span has reduced the ability to concentrate on matters of importance. It is, therefore, essential that individuals learn to strike a balance between utilizing technology to access information while also taking the time to build a solid foundation of wisdom to navigate various aspects of life.


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