Wisdom is an essential quality that leads to the making of rational decisions and solving problems effectively. The power of wisdom helps individuals to follow the right path and choose the most effective options available to them. It is the characteristic of having good judgment, insight, and experience that enable people to overcome difficult challenges and achieve success.

In decision making, wisdom can reveal hidden traps and risks involved in various options. By evaluating the consequences of each choice, wise individuals can select the best alternatives that promote their goals and interests. Wisdom helps us to be objective in our decision making both in our personal lives and in business. The ability to weigh the pros and cons of every course of action and consider the overall impact on stakeholders is critical to making effective decisions.

Similarly, problem-solving demands wisdom to find creative solutions, identify root causes, and prevent similar issues from happening in the future. Wisdom is vital when facing complex and uncertain situations because it helps us look past confusion and chaos, assess the situation, and generate ideas that lead to positive outcomes. It helps to provide insights into unpredictable situations and mitigate their effects.

In addition, wisdom requires learning from past experiences. This means acknowledging and learning from mistakes, as well as embracing new ideas. When combined with knowledge and insights learned from previous experiences, wisdom helps individuals to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively.

In summary, wisdom plays a significant role in decision making and problem solving. It enables individuals to improve their critical thinking and analytical skills, make smart choices, and achieve success by recognizing and avoiding potential pitfalls. The value of wisdom is undeniable, and its application in decision-making and problem-solving can have a far-reaching effect on individuals and organizations.


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