Cultural appropriation is a phenomenon that has been experienced by various cultures for years. This is when one culture adopts elements of another culture with little or no regard for its origins or meaning. It is usually marked by a power imbalance between the culture doing the adopting and the one being appropriated from.

This phenomenon can manifest in various ways, from non-indigenous people wearing Native American headdresses as a fashion statement, to white women wearing cornrows and claiming it as “boxer braids”. It is important to note that cultural exchange, where cultures openly share and exchange elements of each other’s culture, is different from cultural appropriation.

One common argument used to justify cultural appropriation is that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. However, this argument is flawed as it ignores the power dynamics between the cultures involved. Often, the culture appropriating from another is a dominant culture that has historically oppressed or marginalized the culture it is taking from. Furthermore, elements that have deep spiritual or cultural significance may be reduced to mere fashion accessories.

Cultural appropriation not only disrespects the cultures that it is taken from, but it also contributes to the erasure of those cultures. This is because elements of a culture can become diluted and stripped of their original meaning when they are taken out of context. This can lead to cultural confusion and misunderstanding, as well as the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes that can be damaging to marginalized communities.

It is important to be aware of the dynamics of cultural appropriation and to engage in respectful cultural exchange. This involves learning about the origins and significance of the elements of a culture, seeking permission before adopting them, and recognizing the power dynamics at play. By doing so, we can promote cultural understanding and appreciation while avoiding the harm that can come from cultural appropriation.


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